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Sample Blacklist

We are sorry, but it is nearly impossible to make a complete listing of bad URLs!



Site:                                                        Reason:         Inappropriate content (we do NOT own this channel)                             Malware                      Malware                                      Malware                              Malware                               Malware                             Malware                                   Malware                                      Malware                                        Malware                                    Malware                                            Malware                                       Malware                                                Scam


These links, along with many more are included in our Safer Browsing Tool.



Webpage ad URLs

Use at your own risk!


What are these for? 

You can block some ads by doing this:

If you use Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" and go to Internet Options. Now click on the "Content" tab, and click the "Enable" button in the "Content Adviser"

Now got to the "Approved Sites" tab, and enter the ad URLs into the box one by one. After you enter a URL, click the "Never" button. You can always allow it later.

When you are done, hit "Ok" and enter a password when prompted. You may want to use just one key, and say what it is for your hint.

Now, whenever you load a page, it will pop up a box if you want to allow that ad. If so, you can enter the password; but if not, just hit "Cancel" Lastly, to stop these confirmation boxes from coming up, uncheck the lower of the two boxes in the "General" tab. Enjoy!

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