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 Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I find an old page which is no longer listed?

Abandoned pages are sometimes hidden, rather than deleted. There is currently no listing of these pages, but feel free to contact us.  We'll see if we can find it for you, or even relist it.


What are portable programs? 

They are programs which have been packaged is such a way that they can be installed on removable memory and used on almost any windows computer. They usually do not leave data and junk on the PCs they used with.

These can be installed easily on flashdrives, external hard drives, SD cards, Mp3 players, and other such devices for use on a PC. They can also be installed on a computer and used normally.


How do I download a book which does not have a download link?

Click on the "Request book or download" button. fill out the short form and we will send it to you.

(your information will remain private, and we don't spam)


Why isn't there a download link for all of the books?

Because there is only limited online storage space. If a book is requested frequently, it will be placed online for direct download.


How do I get access to private pages?

These pages are only for a few people. There are currently two people with access to these pages. These are not to make some people feel like they are better than everyone else. These pages were just not meant for most people.  You may request access, but we promise nothing.


 Why does fun4you use torrents?

Try looking at our why torrents page. That should answer your question.


Are these really frequently asked?

Not really.

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