About our torrents

For some downloads, we offer a torrent option.  These torrents are usually web-seeded, which means you can use it even if no one else is.  We hope that users will seed these torrents after downloading with them, so P2P download will be faster that we could hope to make them.  If there is a download available which does not have a torrent option, we would be happy to set up a torrent for it.  Just contact us!  If you give us your e-mail address, we will e-mail you with the torrent (or a link to it) as soon as we can.  Enjoy fasted downloads, and help support Fun4you!  Try torrenting today!

 Why do we use some torrents?

Because they allow us do give you more items. They enable us to give you larger items more quickly, and you can get them whenever you want. If you don't have time to get the whole thing, just get a little bit of it at a time!


If you use uTorrent portable, which we have provided a download link for, then you could start getting the file(s) at home, go to work or school and have it resume in the background, and go to the library and let it finish while you do some research. Now you have finished it without waiting for it at any time!


If torrents are a problem, let us know, and we will try to provide a download link as well.


Current HTTP seeding space for torrents: 150GB

Potential HTTP seeding space for future torrents: 5TB

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