Scroll down to see the available downloads. All of these downloads are free and unlimited. We have only posted programs and other files which we believe to be safe and useful. They are, however, provided "as is" with no quality guarantee. If you have any problems with them, please contact us. We will do our best to resolve them.

For these entries, is primary download, is mirror download(s),  links to the publisher, shows the MD5 checksum, and means download torrent file, which usually includes a web-seeded. Here's why we use torrents.

This software is for use on Windows operating systems.  We only are sure that it works on Windows XP and 7, 32/86 bit.

Most will also work on other versions and 64-bit systems.


Bootable Disk Images

Hiren's BootCD v15.2  Download or try a Mirror

SystemRescue CD  Download or try this Torrent 

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows  Download


ChristOnDisk (portable) (MD5) Download, Torrent, try a 

Mirror, or get a preview with this Screenshot


HydraIRC (untested) Download Now

Nettalk (IRC) (untested) Visit Download Page

P-Chat (Portable, IRC) v1.5.3 Download

X-Chat (IRC)  v2.8.9 Download Now or visit Website


 Internet Browsers

Browzar (minimally tested) Download Now

Crazy Browser (minimally tested) Download Now

Firefox Browser  Download Now Or Download Portable (v40.0.3)

Iron (Chromium-based, like Google Chrome) Download Now

Iron Portable  Download Now or try this Mirror

Maxthon (untested) Download Stub Now

Opera Browser v16.12 (pre-chromium engine)  Pick Your Download

Internet Browser Add-ons
Ghostery (Ad Blocker)  Download

Web Of Trust (Community website rating)

Legally Free Licensed Software

(Different app every day, NOT an ad!)

(Don't see the giveaway offer? click here)

Office Software

Floppy Office v4.0 Download Now or use this Mirror

Kingsoft Office v10 Download, Torrent, or try Mirror 1 or 2

Libre Office 5 Download Now, Torrent, Or Download Portable

Notepad++ v6.8.3 Download Installer or Download Portable

Open Office  Visit Publisher

qBittorrent (Portable) v3.2.3 (untested) Download

Tiny USB Office (Update to Floppy office) Download Now

uTorrent Portable v2.2.1 Download (ad-free version)

                            v3.3.2 Download


Operating Systems
(Unlike most entries here, not Windows)

Arch Linux (untested) Download or try this Mirror

CentOS (Linux) (untested) Download or try a Mirror

Fedora (untested) Visit or try this Mirror

Gentoo (Linux) (untested) Download or try Mirror 1 or 2

IPFire (untested) Download or try this Mirror

Knoppix (Linux) Download or try this Mirror

LinuxMint  Download

OpenBSD (untested) Pick a Mirror

OpenSUSE (Linux) (untested) Download or try this Mirror



Avast Anti-Virus  Download

AVG Anti-Virus  Download

Avira Anti-Virus  Download

Sandboxie  Download Now

Spybot Search & Destroy Download Now or Pick a Mirror

Toolwiz Time Freeze Download Now


Cook Timer (stand-alone)  Download now

Cool Timer install  Download now 



CCleaner v5.08 Download, try a Mirror, or visit Website

Crystal Disk Info Portable v6.5.2 Download

Driver Booster v3.0.3 Download or try this Mirror

Glary Registry Repair  Download

Process Explorer (MD5) Download or try a Mirror

Revo Uninstaller Download Installer or Download Portable

Team Viewer 10  Download Now or visit Website

Tweak (XP) User Interface tool Download or try a Mirror


Windows ISOs and System Files

See Separate list here


Sports: NY Yankees

NY on blue  Download now

NY on shaded blue  Download now

NY VERY fancy  Download now

NY Yankees on blue & white lines  Download now

NY Yankees on NY background  Download now

Fancy NY on Yankees  Download now

Sports: Boston Red Sox

Red Sox ball on Blue  Download now

Red Sox on Black  Download now

Red Sox (R, W, & B)  Download now

Red Sox "We Can Believe in"  Download now

Boston Red Sox with Red Sox fill (fancy)  Download now

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