If you have a reward code which either you, or a friend earned, you may use it below. Please note, that once a code has been generated, it can only be used for the specified reward. Also, for the most part, once a reward or service is fulfilled, we will not do anything more.

 Reward codes cannot be acquired by any means other than helping us. There is no set amount you must do to receive one.

A person who helps us a fair amount may be given one, out of our own free will.

Additional software information:

  • All software is for your use only
  • Everything is provided "as is". If something is not compatible with your system, that is your problem
  • If there is a problem with the actual software, we will do what we can to solve it
Additional photo retouching information
  • Minor defects can be removed
  • Dark photos can be brightened
  • Over-exposed photos can be darkened
  • Bright or dark areas in in photos can be changed as needed
  • Over-saturation/bad exposure can sometimes be solved.
  • Strange hue due to bad lighting or camera settings
  • Discolored areas on digitized photos can sometimes be fixed
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