Coming Soon: MusicStream 1.0.0

Currently available to select individuals: MusicStream 0.7.4 (beta)

This will be a small, portable program for streaming legally free music.


  • All music will be legally free (Public Domain or Artist-submitted)
  • No ads!
  • Small, lightweight program
  • No install needed
  • Two-tier music "like" system
  • Less preferred music piece rating, and don't play again option
  • Preferences are not saved on the internet (this means greater privacy)


  • Many kinds of music will not be available due to copyrights.
  • The interface is a "retro" text-control system.
  • Has some known issues David may or may not be able to fix
  • Music preferences must be transferred to another computer if you wish to use them elsewhere
  • Computer Administrator or Power User permissions may be needed

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