Stuff David is sharing with CCS. Downloads will usually have a password.

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Concord MA photos (Password required)  Download (read comments first)

Description: A few pictures David took on the trip to Concord MA with the class of '14

Download comments: Sorry, but this is so large, that you will need to wait. This service may try to get you to pay for a faster download; but don't do it! If asked, go the free way, and do someting else durring the short delay. Sorry for the trouble, but as I said, there are to many pictures to do this any other way. Enjoy!


Concord MA photo slideshow (password required, same as pictures)  Download

Description: a short slideshow of some Concord pictures, but not all of them.

Comments: You will need to enter the password when you open this. After you do so, you can remove it by going here:  Tools>Options>Security (tab) 

Backspace the password, save the presentation, and you are done! enjoy! 

Problem? Contact David!

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